SS Nord Shipwreck

SS Nord Shipwreck

Dive site: SS Nord
Depth: 40m
Certification: Deep Diver (40m)

The SS Nord is a 82m steam ship that was used in the early 1900's to transport petroleum. On its final voyage, the Nord was transporting Benzine from Melbourne to Hobart in November 1915. Taking shelter from bad weather, the master decided to sail closer inshore, where the Nord hit the then uncharted, Needle rock, between the Hippolyte Rocks and Cape Hauy. After trying, unsuccessfully, to steam to shelter in Port Arthur, the master returned to Munroe Bight, dropped anchor, and all 42 crew members abandoned ship. At 2 am on the morning of the 8th of November, the SS Nord foundered and sank.

The Nord sits in 40m of water, and can often have about 20-30m of visibility. This is a spectacular dive, of an intact, 100+ year old wreck. You can still see the boilers, prop, rudder, and port anchor chain within the well preserved superstructure. We've seen big schools of tuna during our descents, and a friendly seals join us regularly. On the site itself, you'll find stunning outcrops of sea whips, bright yellow sponges and zoanthids. Schools of barber perch and yellow fin pike often frequent the wreck. Diving the Nord is highly weather dependent, but extremely rewarding. You must be a competently qualified Deep Diver (40m) to dive the Nord. You will have a bluewater 40m descent and accent with only a shotline for guidance. Please feel free to see us in-store for anymore information. 


 Written: Jane Ruckert - Dive Master, Go Dive Tasmania